Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Update 4: I think I have a gadget delivery malfunction

So, as you already know from Update 1, Update 2 and Update 3, nearly two weeks ago (the anniversary is tomorrow and I am going to buy a cake to commiserate), I had the gross misfortune to purchase a laptop from Currys Electricals. As you also know, I paid for it because they told me item was in stock, albeit at another store.

Since that time, I have locked horns with Currys on a daily basis to try and get the bloody laptop, and my last posting on the subject ended with the fact that the laptop couldn't be released from the store holding the stock, because the General Manager was on holiday.

Never fear troopers, today the General Manager was back from holiday, and apparently, all that Jon (the manager of my local store) needed to do, was give him a call and ask him to release the laptop from stock. 

Pic.No.1. Ummmmm I wonder why that is?

So he did give him a call, but the person answering the phone told Jon, "sorry, he is in a meeting and can't come to the phone." God forbid that he should leave a meeting to try and help one of those pesky customers (the manager who is too important to deal with customers is called Pete Emmerson, and his store is PC World - part of the Currys group - off Junction 9 of the M6).

Jon then tried three more times to contact the elusive, and incredibly important General Manager, but unfortunately the store had stopped answering the phone .......................... which meant that he had to resort to email. An email marked 'urgent' was sent to Mr Incredibly Important General Manager, but of course, he was too busy in important meetings to answer it. [crikey, wasn't that last sentence is dripping with sarcasm? I can't help it. Currys has transformed me into a bitter and twisted spinster, who will live to a ripe old age, hating everyone and shouting, "I know your game," and "you pesky kids" at random intervals.]

Vid.No.1. A Currys employee being interviewed about customer service

So what now? Well, after spending a day feeding his communication into a black hole, Jon finally decided to go ahead and book a courier from DHL to go and pick the laptop up from the store run by Mr IIGM......... Not knowing of course whether or not the store will actually release the laptop. He is also going to contact his regional Manager in order to get Mr IIGM to play ball. And that is the situation as of 6pm yesterday..... I wonder what is coming next as I prepare to celebrate the end of the second week of 'trying to find out when I will get my laptop.' I shall endeavour to keep you updated.

Ooh look, a funny article about the worst companies in Britain

P.S. The good news is that I have made a good friend from this from our regular daily chats....... Jon. If I wasn't going to end up as a bitter spinster I would invite him to my wedding.

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  1. You make me want to go and give Currys lots of business. Oh. Wait...

    p.s. I have asked Sophie to say something to you about nippleage.


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