Thursday, 15 April 2010

Naughty George is blanking me

Oh dear. It appears as though Naughty George holds me personally responsible for the discomfort that he suffered during his operation yesterday.

At first I thought he was being stand-offish because he was groggy from the General Anaesthetic, but as time wore on it has turned into something more sinister than that.

He is doing the doggy equivalent of not talking to me. Here's the evidence:

  • He always like sitting with me on the sofa in the evenings. He refused.
  • I put his dog basket in my bedroom so that I could keep an eye on him during the night, but he left and went downstairs.
  • When I got back from work today he just looked up and then put his head back down. Not a wag in sight.
  • And the conclusive proof - I offered him some ham today and he refused it...... WHAT?
How do I win him round again? It's not like we can talk it through. Has anyone else experienced being blanked by their mutt?


  1. Our dog HATES us whenever we bring him home from the kennels - I'm not sure if its because we abandoned him to go on holiday without him or because we've torn him away from the lovely kennel people. He sulks in corners with his back to us for days. We practice reverse-psychology, ie we ignore him... he alwats cracks first (he is, after all, just a dog). Good luck with NG.

  2. Just give him lots and lots of fuss and attention with some megga treats...

  3. My experience with Alfie is lots of attention, and especially lots of treats, and he eventuallyy comes around and snuggles up...

    Dogs can be bribed (in a good way).

  4. Your dog is behaving like a cat.

  5. I agree with the attention giving, but routine and insistance is good as well. If you have a routine like walks or other activities getting him to keep up and praising him for following the routine is good.

    Bribery without association will...bite you in the butt...before George does :)

  6. Get him drunk.
    That's what I used to do with mine.
    He'll be all over you.

    Of course, the hangover the following morning isn't so good.

    "Hair of the dog, anybody?"


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