Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fancy a skive off work?

'Quack, quack...... quack quack....... quack quack,' went the comedy ringtone on my iPhone, disturbing my contemplative reverie [why don't ducks avoid two arduous annual journies by staying down south, instead of fannying around migrating between the north and south? Ditch the northern crap, ducks! You know it makes sense!]

"What?" I asked, picking up the call.

"It's me Dave. Do you fancy skiving off work and going for lunch?" he asked.

"Damn right I do," I replied, thankful for the fact that I didn't have a boss to please. 

"Cool, see you at the 'Bat and Ball' in Cuddesdon at 1pm," he responded, thankful that his boss lives in America. 

Dave is a chum and also (from tomorrow) a temporary workmate, in that we will be working together in Oxford for a while. He also has a fancy job title - Vice President. However, the benefit of working for myself is that I can give myself any job title I want. So I have settled for Vice Empress and will be printing my business cards on gold leaf tomorrow.

Crikey, having lunch out on a school day always feels subversively pleasurable. I can't quite put my finger on why........ maybe it is the unexpected break from the report that needs writing......... or the non-work chats with your dining companion......or it could be the last minute reprise from the soggy sandwich that you half-heartedly threw together at bedtime the night before.

Pic.No.1 Our table in the Bat and Ball at Cuddesdon

Pic.No.3 Yummy. Scampi (boring but tasty!) with hand-cut chunky chips

Pic.No.2 Dave. The Vice President. The Man. The Popstar (putting 'The' in front of stuff adds gravitas you see)

Well, I have to say that lunch was most pleasant, and due to the entertaining conversation, it probably went on for 45 minutes longer than it should have..... aaaaahh.... who cares?! A happy employee is a productive employee (a person who likes long lunches probably made that up).

Oh crikey, before I go, I need to tell you that Dave is the lead singer in a band called '1000 Mile Highway' (facebook link), which is pretty bloody good, but not as good as the Beatles. He is doing a gig in Witney on Saturday night in a venue called Fat Lils. I shall be in attendance in my formal capacity as Vice Empress, and I cordially invite you and your entourage to attend and dance like dads.

Fat Lils
64a Corn Street
Oxfordshire OX28 6BS

It all kicks off at 8pm and finishes at midnight. 


  1. Ooh Vice Empress... me likey!

    I have made the attempt to label myself The Big Kahuna at work, and somehow has not managed to stick yet... of course, the fact that I am a manager in a big company means these things are somewhat set in stone for eternity.

    Can't wait to see those business cards!

  2. Thanks for the plug (and the crap photo that makes me look about 312!!)

  3. Why thank you Brahm. I too likey the Big Kahuna and I am astounded that it hasn't stuck! It sooooo suits you.

  4. That photo doesn't make you look 312 you doughnut. I was up against it, I took about 30 pics of you, and that was the only usable one!


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