Sunday, 10 January 2010

Philosophy on Life

Whilst stumbling around the internet, and generally cyber-ambling, I happened upon the best philosophy on life that I have ever encountered:

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted, and loudly proclaiming, "F*** ME, that was BRILLIANT!"


  1. What about us poor souls who are built for comfort not speed?

  2. Ummmm.... a dilemma. Maybe you could drive up to the grave and execute a superb reverse entry?

  3. lol. love it. Goes with a quote I read in a novel somewhere about "I'd rather die living" said by an old character with health problems that refused to give up traveling and such and did end up dying away from home on a trip of a massive heart attack. But sudden as that may seem, it's the way to go. Too many people sit around when they get older and wait to go out it seems.

  4. Oh don't forget "skidding sideways into the gates of heaven, chuckling madly, with a glass of wine in one hand and a half empty bottle in the other". Well, not wine as wine ain't my thang, but certainly a whisky bottle will be involved, and it had better be JD or I'm making a fuss.

  5. Actually yeh, someone did say that they think that quote is based on the one you mentioned. I think I prefer the embellished version though!

    Anyway, no waiting around to get old for me... no sirreee!


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